Calgary Stampede Pro Contest

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Calgary Stampede Pro Contest

Postby andrewbolinger » Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:30 pm

This is the first annual Calgary Stampede Pro strongman contest put on by Alberta Strongman Association.

It is a two day event, over July 15//July 16. This will grow fast in future years, but this year we have $6k in prizes for the pro show, and are looking for a couple more competitors to help us put on a great show in our first year. Estimated attendance to our 3 day expo in general will be about 40,000.

The events are:
Day 1:
1.Last man standing natural stone press
2.Truck deadlift
3.loading medley
4.Squat for reps (viking squat)

Day 2:
5. Leg Toss
6. Axle c&p press for reps
7. Bale yoke for time
8. Atlas Stones (full run)

Here is a link to the application ... sp=sharing

Fill it out and submit it to [email protected] ASAP. We are running this comp fairly last minute so move quickly if you're interested!

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